Spiritual Values - How to Live Our Lives in Harmony?

The Sixth Annual Reflective Conference on Education to Globalize the Human Mind will focus on an examination of "Spiritual Values” and “How to Live Our Lives in Harmony” with ourselves, each other and the universe?"

When we begin our journey of life it is without any knowledge or the tools of awareness. Our survival depends on help from others. Although we have full intellectual potential to be developed, as a baby our cries announce that we are hungry or our diaper is wet. At this early point in our lives our capacity is limited only to an awareness of these basic needs of survival.

Our knowing, understanding and thinking brain is completely self-focused and is mere potential that needs to be developed. Experience of life is needed to develop our awareness. The families and societies in which we are born shape those experiences and set the direction in which our brains develop. The brain’s plasticity is the mechanism that education shapes and develops.

Values to live by become part of early developmental process. The collection of thoughts received in early life condition our brains to generate the kind of responses expected by our families and communities. The neural structure of the early development period continues to run our lives until we change its circuitry with new learning and new thoughts.

Those who shape our early development significantly influence us; if they are spiritual, they give us spiritual values; if they are religious, they teach us the values of their particular religion; and if they are secular, they teach us secular humanistic values; and so on.

Religious values flow from the knowledge of religion and secular humanistic values flow from the knowledge of secular humanism. Similarly spiritual values flow from the knowledge and understanding of the spirit.

We will explore together spiritual values in the context of:

  1. Oneness in the spirit
  2. Oneness in the spirit of every being, animate and inanimate
  3. Oneness in the spirit of all divine beings
  4. Oneness in the spirit of all religions
  5. Love diversity as ourselves without reciprocity
  6. How everything integrates and unites
  7. How we can live in harmony with the universe, animate and inanimate
  8. How to avoid fragmenting and dividing
  9. Avoiding exploitation of human beings and nature
  10. The negatives that pull us away from the spirit

The purpose of SHEN’s Sixth Annual Reflective Conference on “Education to Globalize the Human Mind: Spiritual Values - How to Live Your Life in Harmony?” is a detailed examination of spiritual values which includes virtues, vices, rights, wrongs, positives and negatives influences within us all.

Come join us on September 26-27, 2015 and explore with us how Spiritual Values are the key to making us all one.