Outreach in the Community

Through our valued volunteers, SHEN is involved in the following community outreach activities of deep breathing workshops for stress management:

  • Stress management workshop leader training to volunteers from the community at large especially from students at our educational institutions, and
  • Stress management workshops through our trained volunteers to the clients various community agencies such the Grand River Hospital, the Region of Waterloo Homes for Mental Health, St. John’s Kitchen, senior homes such as the Parkwood Mennonite Home, inmates at the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, ex-inmates and public at large.

Our stress management initiatives help our the community in the following areas:.

  • Management of physical health conditions such as pain, hypertension, headaches, asthma, energy and stamina, etc.,
  • Management of mental health conditions including habits, addictions, emotions, anxiety, anger, relationships, etc.,
  • Management of Learning conditions such as attention, focus, performance anxiety, test anxiety, insight development, etc.

Many of these activities are in partnership with and cooperation of other community organizations.

Sincere thanks are due to our valued volunteers for the success of these activities.