Conf 2010 Proceedings: Education to Globalize the Human Mind

  • Beatrice Mcguire making her presentation
     Beatrice Mcguire making her presentation
  • Networking
  • The conference must be fun
     The conference must be fun
  • Dr. Michael Higgins making his point
     Dr. Michael Higgins making his point
  • In deep meditation
     In deep meditation
  • Dr. Muhammad Faghfoory
     Dr. Muhammad Faghfoory
  • Attentively listening to Dr. Faghfoory
     Attentively listening to Dr. Faghfoory

The Proceedings

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The proceedings of the First SHEN Conference on Education to Globalize the Human Mind are being presented for your perusal and enjoyment whether you were amongst those who were able to participate in person or amongst those who were unable to attend.

We consider the conference a great success. Here are some of the comments of those who attended:

  • "The balance of speakers, meditation and discussion was great. It was the best way to learn and experience"
  • "The combination of indepth presentations with periods of meditation and discussion to process the material was very effective"
  • "I liked Dr. Michael Higgin's address best because I related to it personally. I've long appreciated Teilhard de Chardin and I attended a week long retreat with Jean Vanier"
  • "I am delighted to know people are working to promote appreciation of each other, harmony and peace"
  • "I have hugely increased my understanding and appreciation of other religious traditions. I will be more open minded now"
  • "I lost a lot of pre-conceived ideas and gained a bit more open mind and even more open heart"

We take pleasure in sharing with you a snapshot of what happened at the event in audio-video, digital image, and in written formats whatever we have available as of now.