Conf 2011 Proceedings: Education to Globalize the Human Mind

  • Registration Lobby
     Registration Lobby
  • Small Group Mindful Listening Session
     Small Group Mindful Listening Session
  • Youth Panel Presentation
     Youth Panel Presentation
  • Plenary Session in progress
     Plenary Session in progress
  • Sherif Rushdy making presentation
     Sherif Rushdy making presentation
  • Social Networking
     Social Networking
  • Networking across generations
     Networking across generations
  • A slide by Sandy Westin of URI
     A slide by Sandy Westin of URI

The Proceedings

Please click here for a slide show of more pictures.

The proceedings of the Second SHEN Conference on Education to Globalize the Human Mind are being presented for your perusal and enjoyment whether you were amongst those who were able to participate in person or amongst those who were unable to attend.

We take pleasure in sharing with you a snapshot of what happened at the event in audio-video, digital image, and in written formats whatever we have available as of now.