Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living

Conscious Business for a Thriving Earth

Greed is divisive of humankind. Steve Farrell makes a compelling case for Conscious Business. He presents an overview of his Conscious Business initiative Program.

Steve Farrell, President and Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity's Team
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Ancient Wisdom on Wellness for a Peaceful and Harmonious World
Dr Shiv Talwar and Kumi Kaise present the results of Lord Buddha's life long search on human wellness in modern scientific langauge.
Dr. Shiv Talwar, President of Spiritual Heritage Education Network
Kumi Kaise, President, CLOVER Co., Ltd in Japan
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
A Framework for Conscientious Engagement
Dr. Raquel Ríos uses a framework mind, body and spirit with access to a creative divine intelligence. She discusses how teachers can activate all three domains in order to teach the whole child.
Dr. Raquel Ríos, Author: Teacher Agency for Equity, Routledge Press, 2017
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Spirituality to the Rescue: Sufi Perceptions for Enriching and Healing a Broken World
Dr. Sami Rafiq  interprets what it means to seek God on various levels in order to bring healing and harmony to the Earth generally from Sufi perceptions.
Dr. Sami Rafiq, Professor at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Practise Muraqaba to Cultivate Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Aneela Azeemi’s identifies alarming factors resulting from the drifting away of humanity from the basic metaphysics of diverse existence and focuses its light on Muraqaba, a meditative practice cultivate an insight of spiritual oneness and wellness.
Aneela Azeemi, Executive Director, Sufi Awakening, Islamabad, Pakistan
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Vedic Riddles and Buddhist Humour
Jason’s presentation addresses ancient Vedic and Buddhist sources of cosmogonic accounts with an examination of selected texts from the Rig Veda and Buddhist literature.
Dr. Jason Neelis, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier Universitym Waterloo ON
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
Seeking Connection: Journey to Oneness and Wellness passes through the True Self
Anne, in her presentation, hopes to inspire all of us to give ourselves more diligently to the process of becoming. She explores texts which offer practical advice for the journey of life in oneness and wellness.
Anne Quinn Wallace, a Spiritual Director, teacher, career nurse and midwife
Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and Wellness for Modern Living
The Shadow of God: Rumi on Suffering and the Problem of Evil
Atif presents on the “Problem of Evil” and how can we account for it while affirming divine attribute Goodness. He will explore this question from the vantage of Rumi who regards evil and human suffering as necessary condition for human liberation. 
Dr. Atif Khalil, Associate Professor, Lethbridge University, Lethbridge AB

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Which religion is this from?

Neighbor and associate and companion - everything is HE.

Maulana ’Abdurrahman Jami

Liberation cannot be achieved except by the perception of the identity of the individual spirit with the universal Spirit."


I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

Joh 14:20

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

 Psa 82:6

The Beloved is all in all,
the lover merely veils him;
The Beloved is all that lives,
the lover a dead thing.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

To gauge the soul we must gauge it with God, for the Ground of God and the Ground of the Soul are one and the same.

Meister Eckhart

Many and disparate waves do not make the sea a multiplicity; no more do the Names make the Named more than One. When the sea breathes they call it mist; when mist piles up they call it clouds. It falls again, they name it rain; it gathers itself and rejoins the sea. And it is now the same sea it ever was.

~~ Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi’

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme soul of the universe, the limitless being -- I am that.

Amritbindu Upanishad

The knower and the known are one. Simple people imagine that they should see God, as if He stood there and they here. This is not so. God and I, we are one in knowledge.

Meister Eckhart

Christ could be born
a thousand times in Galilee --
but all in vain
until He is born in me.

Angelus Silesius (Translator: Frederick Franck)

If the believer understood the meaning of the saying 'the colour of the water is the colour of the receptacle', he would admit the validity of all beliefs and he would recognise God in every form and every object of faith.

Ibn 'Arabi in Fusûs al-Hikam

It is He who is revealed in every face, sought in every sign, gazed upon by every eye, worshipped in every object of worship, and pursued in the unseen and the visible. Not a single one of His creatures can fail to find Him in its primordial and original nature.

Ibn 'Arabi in Futûhât al-Makkiyya

Though God is everywhere present, yet He is only present to thee in the deepest and the most central part of thy soul.

William Law

There is one body, and one Spirit.

Eph 4:4

Tear down the mosque and temple too, break all that divides, but do not break the human heart, as it is there that God resides.

~~Shaykh Bulleh Shah

My Me is God, nor do I recognize any other Me except my God Himself.

St. Catharine of Genoa

I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, "O thou I!"

Bayazid of Bistun

“[F]or there is one God; and there is none other but he.

Mar 12:32

Behold but One in all things; it is the second that leads you astray.


The Atman is that by which the universe is pervaded, but which nothing pervades; which causes all things to shine, but which all things cannot make to shine.


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The SHEN Mission

The mission of the Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. is to provide educational access to the thinking and findings of those enlightened beings (prophets, sages, philosophers, scientists and seers), who have spent their lives studying the nature of humankind and its relationships in the universe.


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Sashar Presentation

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One Human Family: Food for All

Look after each other and there is food for all

Peace Prayer

I offer this prayer of peace
Not to any one god nor to many gods
Not to the Christian god
Nor to the Jewish god
Nor the Buddhist god
Nor the Islamic god
And not even to the indigenous gods of many nations
But to the divinity within that we all hold inside
That makes us all brothers and sisters
To make us truly a One Family
In the name of humanity.

Teaching of moral values should be linked to our spirituality, not a religion

Tradition has intimately linked moral values to religion. People talk of Christian values, of Islamic values, and so on. Ontario is a pluralistic society. So which moral values do we decide to teach in our schools and colleges?

Religious prophets, sages and seers spent lifetimes researching humans' relations with each other and with nature. One of their key insights is the existence of an Unseen Reality that causes everybody and everything to exist.

Choose the uniting face of religion, not the divisive one

I haven't read Christopher Hitchens' recent book, God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, yet its title compels me to present an opinion for discussion.

Religion has two faces: one unites and the other divides. Religion unifies people into communities and simultaneously divides by building tight boundaries around them.

The Blind Men and the Elephant

It was six men of Indostan
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant
Though all of them were blind,
That each by observation
Might satisfy his mind.

Abou Ben Adhem

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An angel writing in a book of gold:--
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the presence in the room he said,
'What writest thou?"
The vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered, 'The names of those who love the Lord.'

It happened with us

Ideas are the off-springs of human experience. The idea to organize Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) is no exception.

Intoducing SHEN

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) is an organization dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of formal and informal education in the spiritual heritage of humanity. This spiritual heritage is unifying beyond boundaries and it forms the core spirituality of all religions.

Educate to Globalize the Human Identity

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” ~~Maya Angelou

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