Intoducing SHEN

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) is an organization dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of formal and informal education in the spiritual heritage of humanity. This spiritual heritage is unifying beyond boundaries and it forms the core spirituality of all religions.

All religions unify individuals into communities. Historically, communities existed in their respective geographical areas in isolation. Interactions between communities were sporadic, and at the potentially divisive political and economic levels rather than at the unifying human level. Ambitious political leaders of one community lead exploits to subdue and conquer another community. On the success of the exploit, members of the former community moved to the location of the latter to maintain control. Relations between the communities were based upon the subjugator and subjugated mentalities. Human values were relegated to the station of the subjugated and the meek.

In recent times, science and technology have effectively shrunk physical distances and people from different communities travel, migrate and immigrate, for diverse reasons. Modern media of communication have helped in further shrinking physical distances. Geographical locations have become inter-cultural at an ever increasing rate. Although old paradigms of inter-cultural relations have lost their relevance, they have not been replaced by more relevant globe centered approaches.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) is organized to help facilitate the development of such global paradigms of inter-cultural, inter-religious, inter-racial and inter-everything-else relations.