The SHEN Organization

Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc (SHEN), as its name implies, is an incorporated network of its stakeholders worldwide.

You are considered a stakeholder of SHEN if you regularly contribute towards advancing the SHEN goals and objectives with your work or with your cash donations. You may also be considered a stakeholder by becoming a member on acceptance of your membership application in which case you pay a yearly membership fee determined by the board of directors from time to time. You continue your membership on acceptance by SHEN of your yearly membership fee.

Membership benefits include the right of attending the SHEN stakeholders' meetings and collectively guiding the vital process of promotion, development. and delivery of universal spiritual education to integrate humanity so very important for us all.

Thus all donors, volunteers, members and those invited to serve on the SHEN board of directors are collectively referred to as the SHEN stakeholders.

For details, please refer to the current bye-laws.