Evaluative Plenary

Please note that we have a video recording of this plenary sesion. Are you interested in watching it? If so, then click here.


What gave me energy?

- The weekend has a lot of potential.
- Gained energy from our discussions.
- What emerged was a cleansing of fear from ourselves of the "other".
- Conference: humble respect for others.
- Sense of unity.
- Seeing so many young people involved in this conference.
- Enduring, relentless effort SHEN put in for the last six months.
- In spite of our background diversity, we focused on the unity of all.
- I have felt powerful these last two days.
- Most of us have an open-minded receptivity. How do we reach the close-minded?
- We have focused on commonality of ideals, not our different practices.
- Grateful to Shivji because he insisted I come to this conference.
- I'm grateful for the endless hours Shiv has dedicated to SHEN; so encouraging to the community.
- All the youth who have come.
- I acknowledge my gratitude to the universe.
- What I thought I knew is dissolved.
- The first course should be developed.
- The group energy here has given me a great deal of strength.
- We are all looking at God; keep our eyes on the heavens.
- What was wonderful for me is the concentration on our unity.
- We are here for "and-making" work", not "or-making" work.
- Intermingling of people of different faiths.
- How do we understand each other's God? This is important.
- I want to be good!
- Everyone has different perspectives yet we can talk to each other.
- I came here to find God but I found myself.

What drained my energy?

- The coffee
- Exclusivity of some elements in the speakers drained my energy.
- Idea that we always have to have separate religions.
- I'm young; we are more about debating and asking questions, we need more of that and it was missing.